Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Not Shopping If You Buy 10 Items Or Less -or- Honest I Don't Have A Problem

Confessions Of A Yarnoholic:

OK so I might have a slight problem with purchasing yarn. On my most recent yarn purchasing excursion I visited both A.C. Moore and Michael’s.  I bought yarn at both stores and came home with a grand total of 17 new skeins of yarn and a few other goodies from Michael’s I couldn’t resist. You see this is such a problem because I already have in my possession enough yarn to open my own store! I have at least 6 rather good sized boxes of yarn that I do not want. I would donate these boxes except for the fact that there is nowhere local to donate them and they would cost me $20 a piece to ship which I simply cannot afford. I also have one large overflowing plastic bin, a large basket, various bags full and 2 – 3 drawer bins full. Wow – That sounds worse as I type it out than it did in my head!! 

The thing is I’m a VERY thrifty and sneaky shopper. 95% of the yarn I buy is what I like to call “generic” yarn (costing no more than $9 a skein) and the other 5% is the good stuff – the stuff I have to save up for ($22 a hank and up) and only buy every few months. My 17 skein trip the other day only cost me a smidge over $50 – I think I did pretty good!! By sneaky shopper I mean just that – sneaky. I only shop during the day on weekdays so I have plenty of time to come home and hide my purchases before anyone else gets home. So yeah, the more I go back and reread this the more I realize how crazy I must sound! Although if you were to ask me I could justify each and every yarn purchase I have ever made. I think that just the fact that I feel the need to be able to justify it in the first place is a pretty clear indicator that yes my yarn habit is becoming a problem! Although I could think of worse things to become addicted to and I think this actually keeps me out of trouble! My purchases as of late are for the sole purpose of “monster” making which not only keeps me busy but is generating a little extra income for me. OK am I convincing anyone that it has not become a problem cause I don’t think I’ve yet convinced myself! As far as my habits go “it’s not shopping if you buy 10 items or less” which is exactly what I did the other day…I did only buy 10 items in each store! Maybe it’s time for an intervention J


  1. Don't worry, you sound like a "normal" knitter to me! Judy

  2. totally normal! I have a crate by my bed and an entire TRUNK of yarn... and a plastic container and... probably more! :) just embrace it - and USE the yarn.

    Love the background pic! super cute! I need to learn to do that!