Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello and Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to all things Lil BoogeyMen! What are lil boogeymen, you ask? Well, they are hand crocheted “monsters” made by myself, Wendi B., each one with its own “personality” and unique name. I made the first of the boogeymen collection back in November 2010, after learning to crochet the month prior, and was hooked (no pun intended!) right away. The more I made the more I fell in love and before I knew it everyone was either asking for one or asking me why I wasn’t selling these little guys. Well, as much as I would love to just give them away I did realize that in order to pay for my ever growing yarn habit as well as to afford to continue making my little monsters I was going to have to sell them. So in February I opened the Lil BoogeyMen Etsy shop. Etsy, for me, has been slow going, time consuming, and rather expensive. I was also finding that many of my potential customers didn’t want to open an Etsy account just to make one purchase. So after much research and a lot of going back and forth in my head I finally decided to open up an ArtFire Studio where, for one,  you don’t need an account to make a purchase. The Lil BoogeyMen studio has been up less than a week now and while I have had no sales as of yet my lil guys are getting more views than they were on Etsy. I have decided, for now, to keep both shops open although I will gradually pull everything from Etsy and move it to ArtFire and as such all new inventory will go on ArtFire. Don’t get me wrong here; Etsy is great for a lot of people, just not for me. I will however continue to buy from Etsy as I believe wholeheartedly in supporting those who produce handcrafted items, plus it’s where I purchase the safety eyes for my monsters in bulk and for a lot less money than my local chain craft store!

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  1. thanks for the tip! I've been thinking about Artfire for some time now.